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The Old Rectory is no longer available for shoots, weddings, or other events.
This site is retained for historical purposes only.

Filmed here

Soldark: Click on the stills to watch two clips from a new comedy horror short by Tom McDaniel, featuring Ellie Torrez and Rob  Leigh

N Dubz:  I  Swear [Link: YouTube]

Here's an example of a film shot mainly at The Old Rectory. We're told it reached no 1 in the TV video charts. Yes, it is rather raunchy. No, we didn't know: we just made the team the odd cup of coffee! They were a very nice bunch of young people...

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The One Minute Forrest Gump
(written at the Old Rectory)

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Room by room description if you're planning a shoot


Room measurements

The Old Rectory has a Jane Austen look and the feel of a comfortable, family home – a very English look. It has wide staircases and high ceilings, making it easy to move furniture around. The house is airy and and the quality of the light is particularly fine. We have never seen a bad photo or film of it. All the principal fireplaces work for wood fires.

On the ground floor there are two grand reception rooms, plus a light and airy dining room and a spacious kitchen. On the next floor up there are two massive bedrooms and a couple of smaller ones on the next floor up, as well as some atmospheric attic rooms.

For some reason, the large head-height basement seems to attract film-makers!

The sitting room

‘I've never filmed in such an easy location.’
— Award-winning pop video producer

'We had such a lovely day here, it wasn't like work at all!'
Sarah Richardson, stylist, American Vogue

' You've got a nice big drive for access and stone floors so we don't have to take off our shoes to come in.'
John Clayton, Shoot Services Ltd

Outside there are a range of Victorian (or older) outbuildings, including stables now used as a garage. At the front, a sweeping oval of gravel. At the side, a smooth croquet lawn. To the edges, mature trees, flower beds and increasing numbers of roses. On the kitchen side, there's a vegetable garden and a large henhouse. We have seven hens, a cockerel, two cats and a large photogenic Bouvier de Flandres dog of unusual gold colour.

In architectural terms the house is in fact a Tudor structure, remodelled in the early years of the 18th century in the Queen Anne style. The window frames and shutters are Georgian, as is the style of most of the interior. The porch and bay window are Victorian additions.

On a practical level, there's plenty of off-road parking behind our gates, so you can unload your gear and rig up lights and generators without problems with security or wardens.

There's a big kitchen (left), and you can bring in your own caterer to use our catering kitchen.

There are no fewer  than four bathrooms (plus one extra loo), so there's room to put on make-up.

The neighbouring cottages are white clapperboarded, 15th century. A Tudor chapel is 2 mins walk away with fantastic burial monuments.

Nonsuch Park, very rural and huge, is three minutes’ walk.

Ana Ivanovic, American Vogue, Photo: Richard Bush

Ana Ivanovic, American Vogue, Photo: Richard Bush

Old Rectory clients include –

American Vogue (see Ana Ivanovic, above)
BBC Homes and Antiques
Brinton Carpets
Daily Mail

John Lewis
Mamas and Papas
Marks and Spencer
Sofa Workshop

One sunny October day we welcomed QVC, the world-famous shopping TV channel, and their rain and wind machines, advertising very superior umbrellas


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