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An updated and cutdown version of the classic Smart Spending will be available from November 2007, £6.99 i n the shops, or available direct from Jane here for £5.50 (inc. p& p).

First and foremost, the cheapest way I know to save money is to buy a copy of my book, Smart Spending with Jane Furnival, from me personally. It costs £8.99 in the shops, or buy direct for £6.75 (inc. p& p).

Jane's classic Mr. Thrifty's How to Save Money on Absolutely Everything  is still available in a lim ited number of copies. Price in shops: £4.99. Available direct for £4.50 (inc. p& p).

I have a few old copies of Mr. Thrifty, which I will happily sell for £3 (inc. p& p) to clear.


How to order

Send cash or cheque payable to Thriftyworks Ltd to:

The Old Rectory
15 Malden Rd.

or by PayPal

From pay by credit card  to

Don't forgot to tell me  which book you want and whether you want it signed or dedicated, and if so to whom.

Some of my favourite tips are listed on the left  here.

The essence of my kind of thrift is to cut costs on lifeís boring bits and have fun with the rest.

Here are some general bits of advice to kick off:

  • Donít confuse money-saving with buying the cheapest all the time. Buy a few things that last a long time.

  • Never confuse saving money with meanness to others who have less than you. Be mean to yourself, privately. We use salt in the bath, but leave gift bath stuff for guests.

  • Donít swagger-shop Ė that means show off how much you are spending, as if money is no object and spending loads makes you think youíre a more important person. It is bad taste and also unfashionable. Quiet good taste is the thing to aim for.

  • Swap shopping lists with a friend and compete with each other for who can bring in the whole Smart Saving Tips Smart Saving Tips   list for under the given budget. If you want to be savage, agree that the loser does the winnerís washing up or other boring chore. THAT should sharpen up your will to win next week...

  • If you think you are addicted to shopping, carry a small notepad around. If you buy anything, write down what it is, the price Ė and how you felt at the time. Happy? Sad? Alone? What had happened to make you that way? After a week, analyse your crunch-points. To know yourself is to be able to control yourself, with any luck. (Sorry, in this book, we donít buy into the Ďsilly me, Iím so loveable but I just canít control my handbag habití school of behaviour and neither do the bankruptcy courts. Do you want to save money or what?)

  • Book yourself up solid in advance, at times when you are tempted to go shopping. ē Never: buy extra stuff in a filling station shop when paying for petrol (average spend on nothing much, nearly £30) go to bargain outlets just because you think that spending Ďdoesnít countí or go to a supermarket before 2pm when they start marking stuff down.  

  • Guys, donít buy tools.   Use the ones you have, or sell them. ē Girls, before being tempted to buy a new outfit, check your wardrobe Ė you probably have something similar.

  • If shopping, take Uncle Mort shopping or any grumpy old man who canít stand shops. Failing that, take a baby or toddler shopping as you canít manoeuvre the buggy up and down stairs and they soon get bored. These are enough tips to be going on with....


I prefer your style of writing and your books to any others. It's easy to understand, not at all too over the top or scary!

I've been using a website for over a year now: It compares DVDs, CDs, books, computer games plus lots of other technical things, and lists the cheapest to most expensive. Amazon is usually way down the list, which surprised me. I've found all the sites offer free postage and have saved a fortune using this site.

Nicole Anderson

  • is a site worth visiting before you do your Christmas shopping, as it carries discount vouchers to download for everything from major giftshops to virgin wine.
    I can only admire the site's discrimination and taste in choosing a name so similar to my own trademark, Mr Thrifty! As with the 'Money Saving Expert', who must be my most avid reader, I take copying my ideas to be a compliment!!

  • is an online noticeboard and classified ad site, with local sites in 450 cities worldwide, including London ( and 19 other UK cities.
    It doesn't charge for ads, carries offers for bartering and most important, free things like furniture and fridges, on the 'buyer collects' principle.
    [On this subject, we were sad when a free chest freezer, lovingly towed home on our old trailer, exploded when plugged in. It had belonged to an old lady and was working when we saw it. A friend said that fridges and freezers get 'upset' when moved and the thing to do is either let them calm down for a few days before plugging them in, or she turned her malfunctioning freezer upside down for a few days, then the right way up and it has worked for many years. I am NOT giving you electrical or appliance repair advice, nor can I be liable for the results of passing this information on!]


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