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How to pay for a wedding without tears

You’ve got the toaster, the microwave, the food mixer and the luggage.

You’ve had them for years – let’s face it, wedding presents are a difficult subject, as you’ve probably been living together for a fair while.

So why not ask the guests to contribute to the costs of the wedding reception – in the nicest possible way? helps happy couples to beat the banks by getting their guests to share the costs of the big day and avoid starting married life in debt. allows guests to pledge to cover the costs of anything from flowers and rings to reception drinks and even the dress. These are cheaper as the site also offers discounts from various wedding suppliers, presumably paying the £49.95 registration costs and hopefully the 4.75% ‘fee’ deducted from the total donations.

Each time a guest makes a pledge, an SMS text alerts the couple, who can check their wedding fund balance at any time and make withdrawals – as a bank transfer or cheque – to pay for or book items in advance, such as the honeymoon or cake.

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