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Pet care and vets bills

For cat lovers.....

Check out the wonderful range of cat-inspired gifts and products for moggies at  Tel 08707 54 44 34.    And while you're  browsing their website earn yourself a free £25 gift voucher in the process.    Simply let the company know about any new catty products you think they should be selling.  It can be a product you've seen sold elsewhere something that you know works really well for your cats, or even an outline idea for a  new product that you think needs inventing.    As a thank-you, if the product is used on their website/mail order catalogues, you'll be sent your voucher.    I love the space-saving Corner Litter Tray with odour filter.  A very neat idea!  (£24.99).

For pet lovers....

Animal insurer Petplan is currently offering two months’ free pet  insurance if you insure your pet over the internet. That can run into hundreds depending on which insurance plan you choose. I like Petplan because they promise to stick with an animal all its life, rather than cherry-picking the younger pets and cutting off insurance as they get older and sicker. I lost three much-loved pedigree cats, I suspect to a professional cat-thief, and found the company  courteous, sympathetic and fast when I claimed. Though they raised my premiums for the surviving cat, not that I can blame them.

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