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Easy ebay

Don't assume anything is cheaper just because it's on ebay. Regular internet traders may offer better deals, so shop around using price comparison sites like,,,,, Such sites are designed to do the leg-work and will provide you with a view of what something is worth, often with an opinion service, before you bid for around 5.36.

Try to buy from UK based sellers. Your consumer rights are stronger on-line than if you bought from a shop because by buying in person you are deemed to have had an opportunity to touch the product and examine it. If you subsequently decide you don't like it you do not have an automatic right to a refund. (Your rights are in connection with faulty goods). But if you buy online or through mail order you can send it back for a full refund. These rights don't necessarily apply to items sent from overseas, where it can be costly and difficult to sort things out.

Avoid the words " as in" in the small print. These mean the item has flaws and you have no right of return.

Don't bid for information - often just a  " secret site" . This is a recognised scam. It is perfectly possible to find all the information you require yourself. You could be bidding for information about how to buy the product you want - not the actual product itself, so be very careful.

If you are bidding in an auction, enter all sorts of spelling variations, including abbreviations and remove spaces between words. Many rival bidders do not bother and you will find treasure off the beaten track.  will automatically look up mispelt variations of any keyword and search ebay on your behalf.

Sadly, things are not always as they seem: sellers with good ratings may not be as efficient as they make out. I understand that there are now websites selling " good ratings" , and anyone can buy them to improve their sales profile.

Get up early. Avoid auctions ending at popular times, like Sunday evenings. Fewer people will bid for things early on Mondays.

Shop out of season. Who wants a wetsuit in December? Things are often much cheaper. Start Christmas shopping now!

Get to know the site. The shops page  has a directory of specialist microsites which are shop windows with their own unique web addresses within ebay.

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